Making the learning experience fun for your child

Our delightful range of products to enthrall and fascinate your children

  • Books

    We currently have 800 titles
    for your children to choose
    from. Our range of books
    is for ages 6 months
    to 10 years


  • Back
    to School

    Our range of school products
    for your little ones to carry to
    school or for a picnic. The
    lunch boxes and water
    bottles are made from
    hi-quality plastics


  • Stationery

    We welcome you to our delightful
    assortment of stationery products
    - notebooks, clip-boards, attractive
    gift wrapping sheets and special
    gift envelopes


  • Education

    Sterling Pixels has been developing
    3-D videos for school grades K-12.
    We cover Science, Math and
    Earth Sciences. Our videos are
    used by 2 million users in 9
    languages across 18


  • Toys

     Welcome to our
     wide range of board
       games, puzzles, art and
        craft packs and other activity
                packs to help your child
                    learn as they grow


  • Textbooks

    We have been developing
    content and printing school textbooks
    for the Nigerian market since 2010. We
    use the latest pedagogical methods
    for preparing these books


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